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The folks over at Allied Games asked us to create the official trailer for their early access virtual tabletop platform Adventure Roll. With a history of working on DnD properties, we felt this would be a remarkably fun and unique challenge we were well suited for, so we prepared our campaign and jumped in.

To create the trailer, we dove into the inner workings of the platform to understand how it stands apart from other tabletop titles. In essence, Adventure Roll is an extremely immersive tabletop simulator that allows you to play fully rendered characters in a fully rendered 3D game environment in Unreal Engine that is dynamic and detailed, all with 5th edition rules built right in. Players can jump into campaigns in either first or third person, and interact with the world and creatures around them. Game Masters are given extensive tools to summon and possess NPCs, manage and run turn-based combat, customize the maps, and essentially create the campaigns and stories their players will experience.

The unique challenge of this project was that there are essentially three perspectives on how to play, as the Game Master, as the Player, and as a viewer that sees these two dynamics collide in-game. Each is unique, offers brand new features many other platforms don't have, and have extreme levels of depth that make it difficult to fully summarize in a trailer. Additionally, the co-op element of a party was necessary to show. Our solution? Take the tongue in cheek nature of many of our DnD games here at the studio, and translate that into a fun mock campaign that simultaneously takes the viewer through the features of the platform. 

To do this, we wrote up a number of scripts and concepts, narrowing them down to what you see in the trailer. With careful discussion with the team about what they wanted, we then began game capture at our studio's new multiplayer capture room. We took care of all capture internally, from direct gameplay as a player and GM, to cinematic gameplay of coordinated co-op sequences with our team (all captured in real-time). We built numerous drafts of the trailer, writing and adjusting the various VO that would make up the tone and feel of the asset. 

We combined all of this with our original title sequences, sound design, editorial, VFX, and more. The end result is a trailer we loved creating, as it gave us a unique challenge to experiment with various approaches.

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