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We had the pleasure to create the Announcement Trailer for Bounce Shot, a new VR game from For Fun Labs. To prepare, we worked on our aim and began our tosses.

We were tasked with creating this asset announcement trailer from concept to completion. This meant taking care of all live-action, animation, motion graphics, gameplay capture, editing, music, and overall production polish.

We first worked with the studio in developing a concept revolving around a group of friends getting together to play the game online. We filmed the various live-action elements in a number of different locations, from a high tech office to a cabin in the mountains, all while using our state of the art cinema equipment to get the best looking footage possible. We then combined this with our in-game multiplayer capture, in both cinematic and direct gameplay form. This all came together with the music we remixed and the fast paced editing and high-scale motion graphics we animated.

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