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everything new in pistol whip


We were asked by Cloudhead Games to help them create the marketing campaign for their upcoming releases for Pistol Whip. They had a brand new cinematic campaign, Smoke & Thunder, as well as an entirely redesigned modifiers system called Styles. Both were large, complex, and extremely detailed systems that had unique challenges that came with making visual assets for both. We proposed this asset, called Everything New in Pistol Whip, which would cover not only the new updates for the game, but also showcase how much content has been added for free since the game's release in 2019, making it easier for the viewer to understand what came with these large updates, and the value proposition the game offered if they hadn't purchased it yet.

To create the trailer, we took care of writing the voice over that guides the viewer through each section of the piece, capturing all gameplay and cinematic gameplay in full 4K (one of very few VR trailers to do so), animating and creating all the motion graphics that helped showcase the unique and interesting aspects of the update, as well as taking care of the editing, audio mixing, VFX, and more. The result is an asset that clearly and concisely helps viewers understand and get excited about these updates.

It was a pleasure collaborating with Cloudhead Games and their remarkable team once again, 
and we hope you enjoy this release of Pistol Whip!

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