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The teams at Aspyr and Beamdog asked us to create the official launch trailer for Mythforce! As a wonderful love-letter to 1980s animation, we brushed up on our history and dove straight in.

We were tasked with creating the trailer from concept to completion. To do this, we had to take care of motion graphics, multiplayer gameplay capture, audio mixing and sound effects, editing, VO, VFX, and overall production polish. 

We knew that capture on this trailer would be extremely important, so we spent a considerable amount of time going through and shooting a variety of cinematic and direct-gameplay sequences, all to help showcase the enemies, the characters, co-op gameplay, and more. This was added with our editing capabilities to help maintain a proper flow throughout the asset.

We also worked with the developers on the narrative side of things, fine tuning the feel and wording of the VO of the trailer.

No trailer of ours is complete without a nice touch of visual interest. This is why we opted to create original title sequences, all designed from the ground up to mimic the style of the game and the various 1980s cartoons it took so much inspiration from. We also did this for the custom cards animations we did, as well as the 80s style TV VFX for the opening section.

Our attention to detail also extended to the audio, as we created custom SFX and fine tuned the audio mix for the VO and various segments to accurately reflect the sound and tone of the 80s.

With some final trailer polish, we were excited to finally release this passion project to the world, from an incredibly talented team that spent years crafting this game. 

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