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The wonderful team at Beamdog asked us to create the official trailer to their first original IP, Mythforce. As a wonderful love letter to 1980s animation, we brushed up on our history and dove straight in.

We were tasked with creating the trailer from concept to completion. To do this, we had to take care of live-action, motion graphics, multiplayer gameplay capture, audio mixing, VO, VFX, and overall production polish. 

We started by creating a live-action opening using a period accurate set that we built here at our studio. Sourcing equipment, furniture, and more, we used our cinema cameras and actors to shoot the opening sequence of a young boy excited to watch his favorite cartoon on a warm Saturday morning. We then created the VFX work to show the images on screen, with a VO that we sourced, giving it that nice touch of nostalgia. 

We knew that capture on this trailer would be extremely important, so we spent a considerable amount of time going through the game and shooting a variety of cinematic and direct-gameplay sequences, all to help showcase the enemies, the characters, co-op gameplay, and more. This was combined with our editing capabilities to help maintain a proper flow throughout the asset. We also went through the several hundred voice lines from the game, and worked on numerous iterations and combinations of lines to find the right mix of storytelling-always aiming to tell the story in the way the folks at Beamdog wanted. We collaborated closely with them to find the right balance throughout the piece, from the boss to the character interactions.  

No trailer of ours is complete without a nice touch of visual interest. This is why we opted to create several original title sequences, all designed from the ground up to mimic the style of the game and the various 1980s cartoons it took inspiration from. We also did this for all the live-action TV sequences, ensuring the text that showed up looked both good and realistic based on how real Zenith television sets from the 60s and 70s operated.

Of course let's not forget the music. The incredible theme song to the game was our foundation for the tone of the trailer. We remixed the track itself so we could adjust how it sounded with the various different sequences in the game.

With some final trailer polish, such as audio mixing, SFX work, and more, we were excited to finally release this passion project to the world, from an incredibly talented team that spent years crafting this game. 

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