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We had the pleasure to create the announcement trailer for Ironwood Studios' brand new IP, Pacific Drive. With Ironwood so close to our headquarters here in Bellevue, it became a true pleasure to work with them closely in developing the trailer and letting the work of their talented team shine to the world.

We were tasked with creating the trailer from concept to completion. To do this, we had to take care of all gameplay capture, audio design, editing, motion graphics, VO, and overall production polish.

We started the project with our iterative process, discovering the right tone and working to construct a trailer that would have the strongest impact and align both with Ironwood Studios and the folks at Playstation. This involved creating numerous drafts with some drastically different ideas, until we narrowed it down to a condensed piece that allowed the atmosphere of the world to slowly build.

We captured the project on both PC and PS5 hardware, using our lossless capture capabilities to get the best looking footage from the game across various hardware platforms. All footage was captured in-game, in real-time, with no pre-scripted camera movements. What you see is entirely made up of gameplay.

With some final trailer polish, such as audio mixing, SFX work, and more, we were excited to finally release to the world this passion project from an incredibly talented team that spent years crafting this game.

The trailer was revealed at Sony's State of Play for September 2022.

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