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We had the pleasure to revisit Pacific Drive once again when Ironwood Studios asked us to create their official story trailer. To do this, we ventured into the zone to uncover the mystery of what happened.

We were tasked with creating the trailer from concept to completion. To accomplish this, we took care of all gameplay capture, editing, music, mixing, VFX, and overall production polish.

We started the project with our iterative process once again, discovering the right tone and working to construct a trailer that would have the strongest impact. Ironwood expressed how they only wanted to tease the story without giving away too much. With that in mind, we worked on featuring the right balance of VO from the game, as well as constructing a narrative within the trailer that teased just enough of the story.

We filled this out with our world-renowned cinematic capture and cinematography, creating unique moments that pushed the eerie and uncomfortable nature of exploring the zone, and unraveling the mystery held within.

All of this combined with our high paced editing, animation, and overall trailer process to create a strong asset that premiered at the Future Games Show.

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