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Path of Titans

We had the pleasure to create the gameplay trailer for Path of Titans and their latest update release, Gondwa. So, alongside Robert Irwin, we brushed up on our history and teleported ourselves to a time before man...

We were tasked with creating the trailer entirely from concept to completion. To do this, we had to take care of all gameplay capture, writing, directing, audio design, editing, motion graphics, VO, and overall production polish.

We started the project wanting to do something unique and different from the many dinosaur trailers that currently exist. In Path of Titans, you are not humans hunting dinosaurs, but dinosaurs living in an immersive and fully realized world. This called for a different approach. So, we wrote a concept that both in tone and feel focused on the wonder of this old world, and showcased the incredible new map, Gondwa, alongside the new aerial and aquatic mechanics and environments. 

On the technical side, the biggest thing we wanted to do is push the boundaries of how good we could make the gameplay look, and make every shot consist of in-game moments. With a 100 person per server MMO, that was a tall order, but through our incredibly detailed and focused capture process, we were able to achieve phenomenal results, all consisting of gameplay.

To add to the unique feel, we decided to open the main trailer with a live-action shot of a human eye, as the narrator sets the stage for the rest of the asset. To create this, we had to shoot the sequence ourselves with cinema-grade cameras and lenses, to get the desired color, feel, and effect for that opening. 

We then brought on Robert Irwin to voice the project, something he had not done with a video game before. It was a pleasure to direct Robert's phenomenal vocal abilities alongside our script to capture the right tone and feel we needed.  

With some final trailer polish, such as audio mixing, SFX work, editing, and more, we were excited to finally release to the world a project we truly loved creating. We are grateful that with the full trust of Alderon Games, we were able to push the envelope of what a game trailer can be, and how it can make you feel.

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