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Path of Titans

We had the pleasure to create the gameplay trailer for Path of Titans and their latest update release, Nightstalker. This time however, we waited until the sun set to venture out into the darkness...

We were tasked with creating the trailer entirely from concept to completion. To do this, we had to take care of all gameplay capture, writing, directing, audio design, editing, motion graphics, VO, and overall production polish.

Having just come off the success of the Gondwa trailer we did previously (which was called the best trailer of the entire genre), we knew we had a high bar to meet and exceed, and it all came down to the update itself. Containing a variety of things, one of the really interesting additions were new abilities and stat changes to Raptors and Venomous creatures in the game when night hit. This gave us the idea to contextualize just how horrifying it would be to wonder the dark map at night, knowing these hunters were out there, stronger and faster than before now that the sun had set. This is why we decided to go the horror route as the theme of the asset.

We crafted an entire storyline within the trailer itself, from an overarching story about an Alberta family losing its young and seeking revenge, to various individual scenarios showing the diversity of situations players may find themselves in with this update. This is where we tried something new, and created an after-credits sequence that gave viewers a glimpse into the heartbreaking reality losing a child would be for these creatures.

On the technical side, the biggest thing we wanted to do is further push the boundaries of how good we could make the gameplay look, and make every shot consist of in-game moments. Through our incredibly detailed and focused capture process, we were able to achieve phenomenal results, all consisting of gameplay. 

With some final trailer polish, such as audio mixing, SFX work, editing, and more, we were excited to finally release to the world a project we truly loved creating. We are grateful that with the full trust of Alderon Games, we were able to push the envelope of what a game trailer can be, and how it can make you feel.

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