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pistol whip: SMOKE & THUNDER


After creating the campaign for Cloudhead Games' critically acclaimed update for Pistol Whip: Smoke & Thunder (which included an animated announcement trailer and three in-engine trailers) we were asked to top off the campaign with the final Accolades asset, showcasing all the wonderful things people had to say about the game and it's latest wild-west venture. 

To create this asset, we decided to assemble a mix of story and gameplay, with a recut version of one of the in-game music tracks. For the titles, we produced custom sequences from a selection of approved quotes to use in the trailer, where we stylized the animation and the visual identity to match the wild-west theme of the update. We then worked with Cloudhead to find the perfect mix of VO from the game to help setup the story, which we then assembled alongside our in-house 4K capture, sound mix, editorial, and a music mix of one of the songs included in the update. We also did a VFX and animation pass on the in-game cinematics, with volumetric lighting, VFX work, and camera animation to make them feel more active and in-motion compared to in-engine.

The final result is an asset that helps showcase the critical acclaim and fast paced action Pistol Whip delivers.

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