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We were asked to create the official trailer for the cyberpunk lovecraft-inspired title Transient. It was an exciting opportunity to jump into an awesome mix of cyberpunk, suspense, and lovecraft, so we ended up focusing on the project from concept to completion, taking care of every element, from music to gameplay capture and more.

To bring this trailer to life, we jumped into Unreal Engine 4 and captured gameplay and cinematic sequences, all in-game and in real time. We combined that with eye-catching title sequences that we had created, alongside a custom track to really liven up the imagery. Bring that all together and you get this lovely piece that premiered at the IGN gamescom event! 

Youtube link

Vega Awards

Canopus Award (Highest Honor) - Best Directing

Canopus Award (Highest Honor) - Best Graphic Design

Centauri Award - Best Editing

Centauri Award - Overall Games

Centauri Award - Best Motion Graphics

Centauri Award - Cinematography

Centauri Award - Best Original Music

Muse Awards

Platinum Award (Highest Honor) - Cinematography

Platinum Award (Highest Honor) - Motion Graphics

Gold Award - Trailers

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