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Our friends over at Something Wicked Games approached us about helping them announce their studio, and the existence of their new game. Having the chance to work with a team that has worked on some of the most iconic RPGs of all time, we couldn't help but jump at the opportunity.

We worked closely with the studio to formulate the tone, concept, and approach for the trailer. Diving in and crafting the pacing and concepts with their team, and focused on bringing their vision of the project to life. 

We employed numerous animation techniques to create the cinematics, from 2D to 3D. We also took care of the audio, VO, and overall production polish. Our team worked diligently within the tight schedule to create something worthy of a World Premiere announcement at Gamescom Live. After its release, the trailer was listed among the top trailers of Gamescom by various outlets, including Gamespot, Dualshockers, Paste Magazine, and IGN as one of their favorite reveals of the show.

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